poet, teacher, et cetera



Born of this easy anatomy


a dick-shaped inheritance:

indefinite ineffable irreverence


so I was taught in boyhood   dem bones  


     the penis bone’s connected to the brain bone

          the penis bone’s connected to the money bone

               the penis bone’s connected to the no-crying bone

                    now hear the word of the lord


the impetus for transformation is often called guilt

like white guilt


but what about male guilt, and also

straight guilt, cisgendered guilt, just-being-alive guilt?


All I want is to be honest & aware, so I keep on writing about myself,

glory-glory-hallelujah to me, a white man born into a white man’s body


I have no struggle and get paid so much for it

it makes my bank account blush, but I have to tell you:


I sort of like my overpriced apartment –

this is a called a white guilty pleasure


But molting complacency is a naturally learned yearning


So all this dangling power, salary fortification

and an offering to the hungry for love


like a lobotomized heart listening to anyone

a chunk of me vestigial to intellect


hopped up on assglances

and the hope that lies under t-shirts


or that glowing lover loading in the dark who sits behind keys

behind every possible word that can be written, behind the knowledge

of everything that you can search for in the reflection of a satellite,

the big cold recycled pop cans we’re tossing towards the sun


this intrepid flouncing power dangle is not a dowsing rod


Born with this run on sentence between my legs saying nothing

an overly viable pendulum


it sneezes & a child is born

it’s plumb & pointing to hell all day


the tongue in the bell of my skirt

rings the same old song


but born into this molting body

yearning is an abiding forgiveness


and the marrow of transformation

is unlearning


originally published in MORE SURFACE